School Council 


We are very proud of our School Council. They meet regularly, helped by Miss Barnett, to decide on important matters such as which charities the School is going to support and which events they would like to run. 

This term The School Council was able to meet face to face, albeit socially distanced, for the first time this year. Items on their agenda included:

30 Days Wild

We discussed activities that could take place in the month of June at school. All children will be able to do an activity at school. It will be linked to nature every day in June that they are in school. We are hoping parents will also do this in the days of June that the children are at home. 


British Values

We also talked about what we know about British Values and how we could help children at our school become more aware of what they are about. The values are:


The Rule of Law

Individual Liberty

Respect and Tolerance of Those With Different Faiths

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