We believe the intention within the Stratford Rural Schools’ Federation is to ensure pupils experience a full and engaging curriculum which brings into all subjects the different elements of SMSC. Opportunities to expose pupils to the various spiritual, moral, social and cultural elements of our schools’ curriculum arise form deliberate choices and decisions which aim to improve the pupils’ cultural capital alongside their understanding of the subjects being taught.

Across all aspects of learning and school life, we build opportunities for collaborative work which enables pupils to develop their empathy and interpersonal skills.




As pupils progress throughout the schools, they develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them and the position they occupy within it. The knowledge and skills learnt progress year on year. Pupils build on prior skills and knowledge and, through the wider school experience, develop their empathy; understand how a person's place in the world can affect their life; know the difference between right and wrong and develop the courage to stand up for what they believe.

We make deliberate choices that broaden the pupils’ experiences and understanding of different cultures, religions and perspectives from around the world and within our own community. These choices are reflected in our choice of authors from different cultures; the choice of artists and techniques we explore; and the understanding of history and historical events from different perspectives.




Opportunities to explore the various aspects of SMSC lead to the pupils developing greater awareness of the world around them, including the people and the places within it. This greater understanding leads to pupils developing greater respect and tolerance alongside empathy and understanding, and helps the pupils fulfil their roles as better citizens within the school and wider community.